Jetquay services

Let JetQuay sail you through your airport proceedings by providing you a comprehensive suite of top-notch VIP services

JetQuay dedicated airline check-in, immigration clearance, and hassle-free networking of terminals is one of the finest services you need when you plan your journey.

Let Prestige take care for your transportation outside the airport and JetQuay just on the inside.

Elite Gateway through the Arrival Hall now made smooth

Prestige has partnered with JetQuay’s most trustworthy and luxurious gateway services so that not only do we promise your luxury outside the airport but also make it better, inside. Gateway services by JetQuay are all that you need when you step off the jet bridge. The experienced and professional officers of JetQuay will meet you at the aero-bridge upon arrival, or kerbside upon departure. The reliable representative escorts will assist you through the travel channels. For arrivals, you’d be escorted through immigration, accompanied to the baggage claim area and led through customs to the Arrivals Hall of the Changi Airport.

For the departure part, you will meet the officers at the kerbside at the terminal of your departure and will be assisted with your check-in, escorted through immigration clearance, and will be guided to your airline’s lounge or to the boarding gate of the airport.


  • Meet & Greet service with Escort through Immigration
  • Baggage Collection
  • Chauffeur without Electric Buggy

Easy Quayside Services to make your boarding, seamless

JetQuay provides the most reliable and easy to pass quayside services which includes all that you need to clear your airline check-in and immigiration clearance. Not only this, JetQuay’s Quayside services also includes an electric buggy that transports the guests through the airport terminals so that they do not suffer the pain of walking through the ending airport path themselves. JetQuay’s Guest Relations Officer will meet you at the aerobridge upon arrival and take you to the CIP Terminal with their electric buggy

Now with Prestige, when you book your transportation after you land, you can conveniently book the easy Quayside services of JetQuay who can easily provide you with their officers which will ensure that you are never lost at the Changi Airport. Take this deal in the simplest manner by adding to the add-on services while you book your limousine fleet for taking you to your hotel.

  • Meet & Greet Service with Tarmac Transfer to CIP Terminal
  • Dedicated Immigration Clearance & Check-in Facility
  • Baggage Handling
  • JetQuay Lounge Ameninties

Elite Gateaway through the Arrival Hall now made smooth

For the true VIPs of this world, with Jetside, you’ll never have to associate with commoners swarming through the airport terminal – not even by way of electric buggy but with the most luxurious limousine via the tarmac. Yes, you heard right, there’s no need to even step your foot inside the Main Terminal because your privacy is guaranteed with a direct ride from the aircraft via the tarmac to the CIP Terminal and vice versa.

Get them all in one roof with Prestige as we offer the best-in-class transportation services so that your arrivals and departures are hassle-free and not restless. Book your limousine and add on to the JetQuay services for the best experience when it comes to seamless airport transfers!

  • VIP Meet & Greet service with tarmac private limousine transfer to CIP Terminal
  • Dedicated immigration clearance
  • Check-in facility
  • Baggage handling service
  • JetQuay lounge amenities within the comfort of the private suite

Prestige Partners with JetQuay Services