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Never underestimate the power of flowers when it comes to gifting. A bad mood or a sad mood, flowers do gel up the environment anytime. 

Prestige Limousine services from Singapore has planned serving flowers to its guests on their demand. We believe that welcoming guests with flowers and giving them a feel of homeliness is one of the most beautiful yet etiquette behaviours which you could look forward to. And who knows? The deal you wanted to crack with your guests is cracked now and by watching your humble and kind gesture towards them.

Why from us, why not from the other local shops?

Well, we understand your concern and are here to sort them all for you, even the slightest of them. 

Buying flowers while you go to pick someone in advance, getting inside the car, travelling a distance and then reaching out to the people you want to give them to. Do you think that they would be as fresh and vibrant to look at and cheer someone’s mood as they were when you bought them? Obviously No. Keeping it late and traveling would make them stale and unpresentable. 

On the other hand, getting them from Prestige while you book your limo and adding it as an additional service will totally shift your concerns to us. We make sure that the flowers delivering to your special guests are fresh, bubbly and a visual treat to eyes. From getting it freshly delivered to making it the most elegant bouquet, Prestige Limo flower bouquet services take due care of their clients’ concerns and make sure that the feeling of love, affection and sense of homeliness is well fulfilled.

Flowers for every occasion

By providing a large fleet of limousines for every occasion type to deliver beautiful flowers as an additional service, we believe in taking care of your needs.  Attending corporate events and gifting flowers to your colleagues there or Airport arrivals of your special guests to whom you want to welcome with care, flowers from us are available for every occasion. Not only this, meeting your dear ones after a long time and wanting to celebrate their presence with some bright colourful flower bouquet is the perfect idea to let them know the importance they have in your life. 

Meet & Greet on time

Meet and greet on time without being late with the most affordable and comfortable limousine which delivers your presence on time. On the other hand, get your favorite bunch of flowers on time for your greet process. Surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful gesture by adding their name of the recipient to whom the flowers are to be presented when they arrive. Experience luxury as well as a brighten-up mood with Prestige.

Remember, that you can make someone’s day by just doing these small gestures and getting them in place right. Add your flower bouquet requirements when and then you book a fleet and leave everything on us. As we always say ‘Sit back and relax, let us do everything you need.

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