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Singapore is a vibrant, contemporary city with one of Asia’s most stunning skylines. It is crammed with tall structures and is a true monument to how effective and diligent we are. But why not consider organizing a road trip in Singapore if you want a revitalizing change of scenery and want to go off the main path?

Many Singaporeans like taking road excursions, especially younger residents who like to visit attractive locations like Pulau Ubin (or Sentosa in the past), Malaysia, or Batam. In order to get away from crowded places like Singapore for some peaceful time, some travelers even arrange road vacations for national holidays.

In Singapore, there are plenty of gorgeous drives to choose from. So strap up, roll down your windows, and get ready to enjoy the finest that Singapore has to offer as we’ve taken the liberty of compiling the most beautiful driving routes!

Make sure you’re safe before you venture out and explore these regions. Make sure you are insured and map out your routes in advance, noting any anticipated rest stops. Be ready for anything when driving on unknown roads because they might be deceptively difficult.

If the word ‘renowned’ was a road, it would be BAYFRONT AVENUE

All the famous structures and attractions on everyone’s bucket list may be found along Bayfront Avenue. Bayfront Avenue crosses across the Helix Bridge, Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore River, and Gardens by the Bay. Another fantastic feature is the breathtaking view of Singapore’s downtown skyline as you go along the route. Any time of day is ideal for driving this road, with the sunset and city lights providing a spectacular vista.

One of the best road trips to see the city skyline is to Mount Faber

The finest picturesque drive in Singapore is not a roadway, it must be mentioned. It’s not about modern interchanges or tall structures either. It involves traveling on roads that were designed for comfort and beauty rather than speed over rolling hills and lush woodlands. You should also see its natural splendor at night when the stars come out, chandeliers and lamps twinkle, and soft chimes from antebellum mansions may be heard through the woods. One such location is Mount Faber Park, which provides one of Singapore’s most thrilling drives. The journey there, to perhaps the best viewing location, is just as enjoyable.

Arcadia Road In Singapore- Greenery Redefined

You go down Arcadia Road over little hills that are only sparsely sprinkled with black-tipped cherry trees and a sea of beautiful green vegetation. The ravines’ sawtooth cliffs soar above them, adding stark contrast to the otherwise serene landscape.

The Singapore National Parks Board’s Heritage Route Scheme has designated Arcadia Road as a road to be preserved. The approximately one-kilometer-long road is indeed beautiful to behold. Its length provides the ideal chance to photograph its stunning surroundings. As you survey everything in front of, behind, and above you, the tall rain trees that make up the dense, green canopy fill you with amazement.

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