Luxury for leaders: Book the Mercedes S Class in Singapore

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Book Mercedes S-Class on your next visit to Singapore and drown out the noise from the outside world. Sink into a bubble of ease – with sophisticated, polished surfaces, tasteful materials, and infotainment displays that appear to float freely.  Our S-Class lets you enjoy all its creature comforts, right down to like plush leather seats and ambient lighting.

Booking the Mercedes S-Class is a guarantee of having the ultimate luxury designed and delivered for leaders of today and tomorrow. When you visit Singapore, you can have a power-packed bubble of comfort to take you anywhere you want. A private chauffeur waiting on you makes a lasting impression on just about anyone who will be meeting with you.

About Mercedes S-Class

The S-Class has emerged as one of the most stylish, luxurious sedan. It is arguably the best vehicle on the road when it comes to chauffeur-driven passenger comfort.

Features and specifications:

  1. Right from the panoramic sunroof to the multi-function steering in nappa leather, it gives off a supreme feel. Moreover, the added functionalities like wireless charging and smartphone integration is a desirable feature for industry leaders who would like to be connected even on the go.
  2. It is built for safety, leaving minimal room for error. You can expect features like active blind-spot assistance, braking assistance, and distance assistance Distronic. In other words, our experienced, professional chauffeurs have access to multiple features to ensure you enjoy a safe, smooth drive without compromising on speed and efficiency.
  3. The highly adjustable rear seats offer tailor-made comfort for passengers. Moreover, if you are traveling alone and would like to rest, you could simply ask your private chauffeur to move the front seat significantly further forward to make room and stretch out your legs.
  4. Features like climate control and a high-performance surround sound system (with vehicle noise compensation) are just an added bonus.

Book Mercedes S-Class in Singapore: Prestige Limo

Party tricks and the ultra-comfortable floating, lullaby effect aside, the Mercedes S-Class is the perfect choice of a luxury limo for people who are traveling solo or with a partner. Zipping back and forth for various appointments has never felt more classy and grand. Book your luxury car in Singapore now. Call Prestige Limo for further details.

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