How traveling to Singapore will be different after COVID-19?

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Prestige Limo: safe, comfortable transportation in Singapore. Traveling in the era of COVID-19 is no mean feat. With most of the countries restricting domestic and international travel right now, the day is not far when we’ll be able to move around freely again.

However, things will not be the same. We’ll probably still view each surface through a lens of suspicion, and travelers will likely focus more on hygiene and safety. In this light, here are some tips to follow that will make traveling in Singapore easier, in the post-COVID world.

Tips for safe travelling in Singapore when the COVID-19 crisis ends:

1. Longer queue at immigration

Even when lockdowns and travel restrictions are lifted and we start to travel again, most countries are expected to test at the border. Taking precautions such as mandatory isolation and quarantine for all international guests will naturally result in a long queue at immigration.

2. Pack essentials like hand sanitizers, masks and alcohol rub

Even though we can’t expect travel restrictions to be dropped anytime soon, we know that travellers will be mindful of coming into contact with random surfaces. Perhaps the restrictions on liquid carry-ons may be relaxed, especially on long haul flights. In any case, travellers will try to take maximum precautions.

While travelling in Singapore, make sure you wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face according to the WHO directives. Wear a mask when you step out and practice social distancing as much as possible.

3. Pay attention to the quality of service

Travel defines purpose – Business travel, especially, will need strict validation and backed by merit. In this case, we can expect the quality of service to be a priority for brands. Airlines will focus on improving the air quality and premium car and limo services will take serious measures to ensure your safe trip.

On the other hand, since you may not be assured of the same in public transportation, so you must focus on the quality of service you are availing, both on and off the ground.

Prestige Limo: safe & comfortable transportation

Prestige Limo has helped customers travel safely even during the onset of the pandemic. Without compromising on comfort or quality, we implemented multiple measures for the safety of our clients as well as chauffeurs.

This is a difficult time for everyone and we’ll get through this together. We hope to ensure that when life does return to normal, you can focus solely on the purpose of your travel instead of worrying about hygiene and safety. So, the next time you plan to visit Singapore, book your car in advance with Prestige Limo.

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