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One of the most reputed executive sedans and classy cars for small group travel, Mercedes Benz E class is perfect for almost every occasion. It gives an intimate, cozy vibe while also providing a luxurious experience to the passengers.

About Mercedes E class:

Mercedes is already famous for cars that run at tomorrow’s emission standards on today’s fuel. The BS6 compliant car delivers on speed, without compromising on smoothness or luxury. It affords its passengers a rather quiet ride, which feels almost as if riding in a bubble of solitude. The long-wheelbase E class doesn’t disappoint in providing a tremendous amount of legroom for the passengers. The lovely panoramic sunroof is a cherry on top. 

The E Class is not high on driving thrills but it delivers more than expected when it comes to comfort features. The focus is kept on the passenger seats which is awesome if you are planning on an executive meeting on the way or get some work done with a competent chauffeur behind the wheel. 

Why should you book the Mercedes E class?

You should certainly book the Mercedes E class for the next time you are in Singapore if you are on a vacation with a small group of friends or family, or for business. 

Executive limo for corporates: 

Whether you need comfortable and reliable airport transfers or you have a corporate meeting scheduled, an executive limo or luxury car like the E class is what you need. It lends you a sharp look which conveys a sense of professionalism and class. 

Comfortable sedan for a small group:

Singapore is a posh vacation destination, and travelling in the E class will only add to your experience. If you are in the island country for some leisure with friends or family, book the E class with Prestige Limo. 

For a larger group travel, you may check out Mercedes V class and S class, Toyota Combi High Roof

Book the Mercedes E class with Prestige Limo, Singapore

As a chauffeur-driven luxury car, Mercedes E class remains the one to beat. Experience the affluent ride for yourself. Book a ride now.  

Book Mercedes E class in Singapore
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