3 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day in Singapore

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International Women’s day is all about celebrating womanhood and what is better than celebrating your success and pride with the best service of transportation with the most breathtaking luxurious facilities like Prestige. If you want to let your female employees have some fun on this women’s day or you as a woman want to celebrate this day, here are some ways you can have the celebration and also the ways to empower each other.

Here are some ways how we can suggest you celebrate IWD in Singapore-

Raise charity for a women’s welfare fund

There are a lot of charity fund welfare schemes held in Singapore, make sure you are a part of some of them and raise some charity out of those savings. This is one of the most perfect ways to invest your money in something worth meaningful and perfect to help other women empower which this day actually belongs to. 

You can check out these welfare associations-

  • AWWA Family Service Center
  • Singapore Council of Women’s Organization
  • MacPherson Moral Family Service Center

Go out for a movie starring a woman lead

Watching a movie with your strong ladies on a ladies’ day out could be one cool idea itself. Honor famous and inspirational women by learning more about them and their impact to make your day even more eventful. Do a Google search, head to the library and read some books, this will not only make you go crazy regarding how much is there out but also make you feel motivated and just boost your self-love and also give you the confidence to let you achieve something which you must have been procrastinating upon as you felt you were not so deserving.

Book a limousine service and travel around the city

Traveling around the city with a full-featured and luxurious limousine service is also a great idea to celebrate your individuality with your girls. Plan a day out and spread some vibes around the city and give yourself the treat you deserve as a woman. Book the exclusive chauffeured services care service from Prestige Limousine Services and visit various places in the city-owned by some most talented women in Singapore. This will just not add value to the day but also will be a fun idea.

Spend time with the women in your life who inspired you

Spending Quality time with people who mattered in your life and gave a proper lesson to you and help you grow throughout your career can be more meaningful than anything else to do on this International Women’s Day 2022. Even calling, texting, or reaching out to them personally and meeting them can have a valuable impact on their lives as well, not only this but an email having a special letter explaining how they made a proper impact in your life.

So, make sure you bookmark these tips and keep going. Happy International Women’s Day Everyone!

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